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by Antero Sleeps

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In a different age, there was a planet populated by genetically perfect people. They lived in peace until an accidental discovery, on a distant moon, unearthed an alien weapon that threatened to destroy them all. We are telling their stories.


released June 11, 2012

Guitar/Vocals - Christopher "Clawson" Dawson
Drums/Vocals - Garrett T. Capps
Bass - Eric Gibson
Noise - Chiasma (J.D. and Tyler Franklin)
Piano - IzzyMar

Recorded April 8th, 9th, and 15th at The Recording Conservatory of Austin

Mixed and Mastered by Andrew Storrow of Cosmic Fuzz Recordings


"I’m impressed. The opening riff in “Whispers and Dust” is an immediate head-grabber, and from there the music pulls you along on a hell of ride that takes you not only through a desert of riff-driven stoner/sludge/doom but also out into the space lanes. The music is both powerfully heavy and densely atmospheric. The crushing riffs are irresistible, the drumwork is explosive, and the vocals are appealingly gritty and thoroughly impassioned."
- Islander, No Clean Singing


"Funeral Dirge is the final act, the epic conclusion of Titan’s journey, or perhaps another kind of beginning. The territory, and the sound, in which Antero Sleeps dare to go may be not new or unknown, but that’s not important for me: they are not towed, they are tuning their personal engine, they are telling stories, and I follow them willingly."
- Mortimer Potts, Yours Heavily


"This is a band that is perfect for fans of Yob, Neurosis, and early Mastodon. These guys have the music and the concept, and when combined they have something that really can set them apart from the pack."
- Aaron Sullivan, Metal Bandcamp


"I have read the lyrics to each song and have to say I’m hooked. As a somewhat writer, storytelling in songs have always given me the warm fuzzies. I was even more pleased to see that the band has full-blown stories written that go help enhance the music and better understand the songs on a whole new level. I have to say I am deeply impressed with this band on every level and eagerly await any new material be it written story or musical."
- Alex Martinez, The Musical Junkie




all rights reserved


Antero Sleeps Austin, Texas

Antero Sleeps began in December of 09 as a concept project: Science Fiction + Heavy Metal. If you like our music, please visit our website and read our stories, too. We hope to provide those interested with a world to explore, not just music to listen to. THANK YOU! ... more

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Track Name: Whispers and Stardust
A blanket of stars
Millions of suns burning bright
They cast two shadows that move
Two lives will be changed tonight

An ocean parts
And brings forth dry ground
It opens a path to the past
The circle of life is unwound

A Titan shudders
And now they remember
They fall apart together

Free will: forlorn
Subservient from time immemorial
Their bond has been torn
Humanity: immaterial

Your helix goes on
Through eternity
But can you break free
From your destiny?

A blanket of stars
Shines down on two fleeting shadows
And a third not far behind
With revenge clouding his mind

The Ancient's anger
Will reach out forever
They will suffer together

Free will: forlorn
Subservient from time immemorial
Their bond has been torn
Humanity: immaterial
Track Name: The Fall of Gellar Elias
Poisoned air circulates
and everything is changed
Thousands of frozen years
forever wiped away

As their minds unfold
instincts take hold

In the dark of outer space
two souls hear their psalms
Escape flows through their veins
"What have we become?"

Trying to make sense of this
as their ships gain impetus

Don't run through the dark
Find a way. Assimilate
Impulses: allies

In the dark of outer space
Elias degenerates
Twisted and obsessed
He flies to escape his fate

Watch the sun and reminisce
as his ship gains impetus

Your time has run out
Oblivion: your shadow
Correction: the end
Track Name: Calimbian Flight
My existence is a lie
And all of you will pay
I know the truth
I've open eyes
I'm not your slave

I'll do what I must
I'll sacrifice you all
What's mine is what's mine
There's no one I trust
It's my call

“I will find my freedom”

We are brothers
You are my family
I'll still find you
You won't get away
or escape your destiny

Keep running Elias
I am right behind
Your trail glows
En aqua veritas
It's time

“I will find you anywhere"
Track Name: The Funeral Dirge
Pray, pray for your brothers
They walk alone
Your journey is over
Let us go home
We will go together

Fly, fly with me child
Just close your eyes
Don't fear the darkness
Now is the time
The Cosmos has smiled

Think not of what you have suffered
The pain has gone from you forever

We'll bathe in the icy jets of Enceladus
Then sleep for a while in the arms of the Universe

Think not of your pain, just hear my song
Come back to where you were born from

My tormented love
Can't you hear me singing?
Your time here has ended
A new beginning
In the warmth of the stars above

"Hereafter Elias is no more.
Broken and bloodied he will fly
To a watery grave on the shore
And now, dear brother, we say goodbye".

"May Mother guide him."
"May his spirit find respite."